Печальная рыба-солнце (chudishe_ubogoe) wrote,
Печальная рыба-солнце

На удивление разумный список вещей

__ 1 long sleeve, light colored shirt for sun protection
__ 2 lightweight, long sleeve polypropylene shirts (Zip-T’s are great)
__ 1 medium weight fleece shirt or wool sweater
__ 1 poly/fleece jacket
__ 1 expedition down parka with hood. This is probably your most important piece of clothing
__ 1 outer shell jacket with hood (Gore-tex is strongly recommended)

__ 1 pair synthetic trekking or around camp pants
__ 2 pair long underwear bottoms (1 pr. lightweight and 1 pr. med. or expedition wt.)
__ 1 pair wind/rain pants (Gore-tex or similar material with side zips are preferred)
__ 1 pair of lightweight-med. weight fleece pants with side zippers

__ 4 pairs liner socks
__ 3 pair’ wool or poly socks (medium-heavy thickness)
__ 1 pair light weight trekking boots
__ 1 pair sandals for hanging around in camp (optional)
__ 1 pair down booties (optional)
__ 1 pair plastic expedition boots - make sure that the boot is for expedition use. Scarpa Inverno and Koflach Arctis Expedition are both reputable boots. Make sure the boots have a new stock liner or an alveolite liner
__ rock shoes (optional, but highly recommended)
__ 1 pair crampons, fit to your plastic boots (include a repair kit; step-ins are advised)
__ 1 pair gaiters or super-gaiters. Super gaiters will provide more warmth and are recommended.

Hand wear
__ 2 pair’ liner gloves (polypro)
__ 1 pair medium weight fleece gloves
__ 1 pair shell gloves
__ 1 pair wool or fleece mittens
__ 1 pair overmitts. Make sure that your hand gear combo is very warm and not too tight!

- Your head needs to be completely covered during cold conditions. Any area of skin exposed on a cold, windy day is at risk of cold injury. Wind Stopper hats or balaclavas are a great choice.
__ 1 wool or fleece hat
__ 1 balaclava
__ 1 pair glacier glasses with side flaps
__ 1 sunhat
__ 1 neck warmer (optional)
__ 1 ski goggles with UV protection (optional)

Sleeping gear
__ 1 down or synthetic sleeping bag (rated to 0° to -15 F)
__ 1 Hydroseal stuff sack for your sleeping bag
__ 1 full length Thermarest pad (bring repair kit)
__ 1 full med.-length closed cell foam pad or Crazy Creek Chair

__ 1 large capacity internal frame pack (5,000 cubic inches or more)
__ 1 daypack for approach hike and possible use on summit day and carry-on bag
__ 1 large (7,500+ cu.in.) duffel bag for gear
__ 1 small duffel for leaving extra gear at the hotel

Climbing gear
__ 1 climbing harness
__ 1 ice axe (60-70 cm)
__ 2 locking carabiners
__ 3 regular oval carabiners
__ 1 equipment sling (1” tubular webbing, approx. 6’ long)
__ 1 helmet
__ 30 feet of 6-millimeter perlon for prussik material
__ belay device
__ crampons- see under footwear

__ 1 first-aid kit with ibuprofen and any other doctor recommended medications
__ 1 headlamp with 4.5 volt or AA batteries, include extra batteries (Petzel is a good brand, but avoid the micro as light duration is short)
__ 3-4 one quart water bottles, one is a pee bottle
__ 1 water bottle insulators
__ lip balm (spf 30) and sun screen (spf 40)
__ small padlock for duffel bag
__ utensils: large insulated cup, spoon, fork, and bowl
__ water purification system, either iodine tablets or crystals (Polar Pure); filters are convenient but not essential
__ pocket knife
__ ear plugs
__ 2-3 large plastic garbage bags
__ favorite snack foods (no more than 1-2 pounds)
__ paperback books, cards, Walkman etc.
__ adjustable ski poles (highly recommended)
__ handiwipes
__ small, durable thermos
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