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Cordillera Blanca is the world's highest and most glaciated tropical mountain range. It is a paradise for high altitude climbers as it offers a wide range of peaks and routes in all difficulties. Topped by 6768m high Huascaran there are 25 6000ers and more than 50 peaks above 5500m within this range, amongst them beautiful Alpamayo and "Paramount peak" Artesonraju.

Climbing season runs from May / June to August / September. It provides long periods of dry and sunny weather only interrupted by one or two less stable days, which however may force you to wait in your tent before the summit bid.

Formed by the movement of the South American continental plate against the Pacific plate, C.B. is mainly one long mountain chain less then 100 km off the Pacific coast. It is intersected by many formerly glaciated U-valleys which bring nearly all base camps within a day's reach from Huaraz.

All mountains are usually climbed by small teams in alpine style using one or two high camps. Besides burros (donkeys) which may help you carrying your backpack to the base camp (mostly around 4000 - 4500m) there is no need of expedition infrastructure with porters, multiple camps or fixed ropes.

Except an entrance fee to the national park (see below) there is no red tape and you don't need any permits for climbing one of these beautiful peaks. This makes C.B. to propably the best choice worldwide for high altitude moutaineering in the 6-7000m range!
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    А где интересно можно посмотреть какие категории трасс на чемпионатах по скалолазанию и болдерингу? Вот услышала, что 6б/6с (болдеринг), и удивилась.

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